A “Pulsar” is an ultra-high-energy neutron star that rotates at such high speeds, it appears to pulse. We, in turn, originate from alongside the River Aar in Switzerland and take our inspiration from this example of Swiss power in its purest form. The river lends us the “AA” in our name—PulsAAr—and in combining the attributes of the Aar River and the neutron star, Pulsaar is both powerful and dynamic while maintaining a focused sense of calm.


    The Aar rises at the summit of the Bernese Alps where the river carries the purity of these glacial waters downstream. From the picture-perfect valleys of this alpine range, we view nature in all of its glory. The formidable peaks inspire a deep harmony and balance within the natural rhythms of our environment.
    We believe in the power of nature and the affect it can have on physical wellbeing. In many ways, the human body is the ultimate source of natural energy, but it is only when truly balanced and in harmony with nature that it can harness these forces to embrace the challenges of daily life.
    This is why we have utilized next-generation technology to develop the tools you need to realign, recalibrate, and restart your journey to a balanced body.


    The Pulsaar Active range was first inspired by our founder, Dr. Jürgen Warzecha. In his spare time, Jürgen is an accomplished horse rider. However, during a show-jumping event in 2021, he was involved in a serious accident and was thrown from his horse. Jürgen suffered a number of significant injuries in which he almost lost his leg and broke two major vertebrae in his back and neck. Due to heroic interventions by his doctors, the worst outcomes were avoided—although they soon expressed concerns that he would have mobility issues for the rest of his life.

    Jürgen began the rehabilitation process and in doing so became familiar with a number of different orthopedic supports. Nothing he tried made a significant difference and he had all but given up on them when our partner company, RPM Pharma, suggested he test the new joint supports they were prototyping. The approach of these supports was far superior to anything Jürgen had tried before and he soon began working with RPM in order to optimize them further.

    Given his injuries, Jurgen was the perfect test subject for the emerging Pulsaar Active range and soon began his first steps to recovery. Jürgen is now walking and running with ease and has very few issues with general mobility—an outcome none of his doctors predicted given the trauma his body had experienced.


    Introducing Infra Reflect mineral recovery technology.
    Infra Reflect is a state-of-the-art technology that uses microscopic mineral particles to harness your body’s naturally-emitting electromagnetic energy. This energy is then targeted back into areas of pain and discomfort in the form of infrared rays, increasing blood-oxygen levels and improving overall recovery times. By recycling your own power source, Infra Reflect enables your body to become a self-sustaining battery that fuels your return to optimal physical performance.