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    The Elastic Compression Bandage Wrap is designed to reduce pain and promote recovery for a variety of body parts. Three-dimensional weaving technology creates a graduated compression that increases stability and mobility, accelerates recovery and decreases the risk of injury. Innovative fibers comprised of bamboo charcoal and germanium particles engage with the body’s naturally emitting infrared radiation to stimulate local blood circulation and raise body temperature during physical activity. The breathable elastic wrap offers multiple points of attachment to allow for adjustable compression levels based on your requirements. Manufactured from high-quality performance textiles with a seamless, anti-slip design, the bandage doesn’t require safety pins or clips to provide maximum stability.



    Mineral-rich materials engage with the body’s naturally emitting far infrared radiation to potentially increase body temperature and improve local circulation.


    The 3D fabric made from breathable fibers ensures your long-term comfort and durable support.


    Divided into sections of support, elasticity, breathability, and cushioning to give you zone-specific coverage across the garment.


    The seamless design enhances your comfort by avoiding stitch irritation while also improving the product’s durability.


    Innovative fabrics develop a graduated compression to perfectly fit the intricacies of the human anatomy and provide you with bespoke support that aids and accelerates injury recovery.


    Naturally deodorizing and breathable bamboo charcoal fibers allow you to wear the garments for hours at a time without developing odors.


    The fabric’s mineral properties remain uninhibited by exposure to moisture while breathable bamboo fibers ensure your comfort during exercise and in a variety of weather conditions.

    Size Chart

    • One size

      10 x 155 CM

    Universal bandage wrap

    Support tightness

    This sleeve is considerably tight in comparison to similar products.

    Support tightness circle


    This sleeve is considerably tight in comparison to similar products.

    8 Support tightness bar

    Our products utilize graduated compression to provide enough pressure for optimal support without being so tight that they unnecessarily restrict movement or cause internal damage.

    Material composition

    • 33 %


    • 22 %


    • 15 %


    • 20 %


    • 10 %



    Indication description: The bandage can be used to reduce limb pain. It reduces swelling and inflammation of a new injury.

    Product application: The elastic bandage wrap is easy to adjust and apply to the pain area. It can be washed without losing the functions and it can be reused many times. It can relieve pain and muscle soreness, increase your performance in activities such as running, walking, squatting, and other. Take it off at the right time to let your muscles and joints rest. If you have individual symptoms or diseases, please consult the doctor first.



    The medical device certification signifies that our products have been scientifically tested for their safety and efficacy. Products without this certification cannot promise the same assurances you receive with the Pulsaar Active range.


    Wash with mild detergent, do not use fabric softener. Tumble dry on normal or low heat or line dry.

    Gentle hand wash

    Do not tumble dry

    Do not iron

    Do not dry clean

    Do not bleach



    We recommend following the sizing chart in each product description to make sure you choose the correct size for your needs. If you find yourself on the borderline between sizes, consider the reason you need the product. For example, if you are looking to reduce issues with swelling/edema you should choose the larger size. However, if you are in need of stability, fixation and support, the smaller size will serve you better.


    Noticeable impact varies from person to person. For some people improvement is felt right a way, but for other it takes a few days or weeks. We recommend using the products for at least a week to be able to evaluate their impact on your health issues.
    While you may not be able to feel an increase in local circulation and oxygenation in a literal sense, there are a number of studies that have proven the ability of infrared radiation to achieve these outcomes.


    In short, no. Infra Reflect is a non-invasive technology and while any material has the potential to cause an allergic reaction, we have not received any reported cases of hypersensitivity or illness as a result of wearing our products.
    One of the ways in which we ensure this is through the official classification of our products as medical devices. Because there can be a significant potential for hazards when using a medical device, local regulating bodies require devices to be proven as safe and effective before approving their sale. The risk factor is denoted by a class structure that ascends with increasing risk and therefore the Class I Medical Device status of the Pulsaar Active range places it firmly in the low-risk category. Products that have not been categorized as a medical device may not have necessarily been subjected to the rigorous testing required by the regulation bodies and therefore cannot promise the same assurances that you get with the Pulsaar Active range.
    However, if you do experience any discomfort at all while using our products, please contact us at: [email protected]


    To achieve the maximum health benefits of our products we do recommend using them in direct contact with the skin. By doing so, there are no obstacles between the active elements and your skin, therefore allowing the Infra Reflect technology to work most efficiently. However, there is no harm in wearing the products over clothing if this suits your needs better and will not stop them from working.


    Our products do not require any special care in order to maintain their therapeutic qualities. The Infra Reflect technology is fully integrated into the fibers of each garment and therefore cannot be washed out with the effects remaining for as long as the original garment is in use.
    We do recommend regular washing of the products, just as you would with any other item of clothing. Products should be washed with a mild detergent but without fabric softener. With the exception of the Knee Sleeve, Back Support C-Fit and Shoulder Support, all other products can be tumble dried on normal or low heat. We also advise that the Knee Sleeve, Back Support C-Fit and Shoulder Support be washed on a gentle hand washing setting.
    Avoid dry cleaning, bleaching and ironing of all products. You can find further washing instructions in the product description of each garment.


    You can wear the majority of our products for as long as you feel comfortable. However, with the Back Support C-Fit and Shoulder Brace, we recommend using for a maximum of 10 hours at a time to achieve best results.
    All Pulsaar Active products can be worn during the night but if you start to feel any discomfort please remove it and wear it again next day.


    The Pulsaar Active range utilizes graduated compression to provide optimal support. This differs from traditional methods of compression that use a blunt force approach, attempting to provide support by restrictive and potentially damaging levels of tightness. Graduated compression is able to provide the correct pressure to specific zones and provide support without running the risks associated with traditional methods. As a result, it is important to choose the correct size for your body to make sure you receive the best possible support. Please see our sizing table for instructions on how to accurately measure yourself.


    No. As you use the product, your local circulation will increase. This helps the body to regulate internal temperature and will either cool down or warm up depending on your environment to help you maintain a comfortable equilibrium.


    The Pulsaar Active range utilizes the thermodynamic minerals Carbon and Germanium to create the therapeutic qualities of Infra Reflect technology. The minerals are ground into a powder so small that they can become fully embedded into the polyester yarn used to create our performance textile. As a result, the minerals are evenly distributed throughout the fabric to give the garment a comprehensive and efficient thermodynamic effect.


    A performance textile is a material with special functionality beyond what is usually expected from traditional fabrics—for example, water resistance or anti-crease properties. However, Infra Reflect goes a step further by converting your own body heat into penetrating infrared radiation that aids your performance and recovery.


    Yes. There is no limit to the number of Pulsaar Active products you can wear simultaneously and in fact there are a number of items that can compliment each other when worn together.
    Infra Reflect technology is uniquely localized in its effects and therefore there is no danger of over stimulating your body, no matter how many products you wear in unison.


    We will be happy to exchange your order for the size you need as long as it has not been damaged and in accordance with EU law, you have the right to return any purchase you have made online within 14 days for a full refund. You can do so for any reason—even if you have simply changed your mind.

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