• I would like to highlight the importance of being physically active. Experience confirms that people underestimate this. Proper exercise should include a warm-up to prepare the body for physical stress. This is followed by the main workout, and after, stretching and breathing exercises.

    Our whole body is interlinked. This means that if a muscle or a muscle group shortens or becomes strained, it will affect the joint condition, increasing the risk of strains and sprains. Pay attention to stretching muscles that were intensively loaded during physical activity.

    Stretching the postural (that help in maintaining posture) muscles is most important as they are prone to shortening. The stretched muscles should be kept in this position for 10-15 seconds. Neck muscles should be stretched for longer (approx. 20 to 30 seconds). To avoid injuries during stretching, it should be done only when the body has warmed up. Don’t start exercising with stretching as it increases the injury risks.

    When stretching, concentrate on breathing. Slowly try stretching longer as you exhale. Don’t overexert to try and get better results. Don’t lie on, apply jerky pressure, or apply force to the other person as this is a shortcut to e.g., groin injuries. When stretching after physical activity, you stimulate recovery, and physiological, biological processes are streamlined. It takes just 5-10 minutes, but often determines your health, the results of your physical activity, achievements, and well-being.

    Be active and move correctly and with care!

    Dr. Sp.sc. Ieva Zvīgule

    Certified Physiotherapist